Thursday, November 12, 2009

It’s all Over …


Ok… now ape yang aku nak cakp nie..k

To all my friends,

Semester 3 is all over..huhuhuhu.. enjoy your semester break..

See you all in semester 4.. insyaallah..

For this blogger author make sure post kan selalu entry terbaru k..

About ur life, lovelife or family and friends also the activities being doing during your semester break.

Also aku nak lagu favorite korang ok.. just post it ok..

For all reader also make sure post comment ok..

but not so spicy and hot comment or ur comment will be REJECTED


We don't like that kind of comment ok.

I also want to announce about miss d'ieyna's new blog

make sure to check it out ok..

just click on the url above..

Last word from kite orang kisah ke? the crew…

Goodbye for this sem and see you all for the next sem and enjoy ur sem break ok!!

Bye bye…

From us… kite orang kisah ke? the crew

See you all next sem…….

3 org syg kami:

Mr K said...



"Any comment from Mr K also will be rejected"


.miss d'ieyna. said... semester 3 dah habis.!
now kita enjoy.!=)
blog ni akan terjaga even kita cuti ok..
che dah siap promote blog aku..
thankz alot frenz...

~freakycuteyanime~ said...

tu kalu comment kau x mengandungi bahan2 yang x sepatutnyer..
kalu ok bleh ah aku approve...
wtf tu pun aku x suka...

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